Out-Rage of Weymouth


Out-Rage is a new Offshore 105 fitted with a 400hp engine to reach the dive sites quicker. She is licensed to carry 12 divers but all day dives this number is reduced to 10 for comfort. A revolutionary new Diver Lift to take the strain out of getting on board. A microwave and electric kettle is available for snacks pack ups can be arranged, as can air and accommodation. When the weather is right the barbecue is lit to cook those fresh Scallops and Mackerel you caught on your dive!!.

When you choose to dive from Out-Rage you can be assured that you will be well looked after, no middle men putting divers on boats on commission basis!

No we will look after you and give you the best day we can.


The Aeolian Sky Was the last major vessel to sink in Portland waters. She sank on November 4 1979. She was a modern ship (only 1 yr old) and valued at over £3 million. Her holds were full of general cargo including Land Rovers on route to Dar-es-Salaam. On the 3rd of November she collided with another ship the Anna Knuppel, she was badly holed and water poured into her forward holds, the flooding was so bad that her bows was virtually under water.

The crew were winched of by Helicopter and she was taken in tow by a French tug to Portland. on the morning of the 4 November in gale force winds she sank 12 miles from Portland.

Drums full of chemicals and paint were soon washed up all along the coastline. As well as all the hard cargo she was also believed to be carrying a million pounds in Seychelles rupee’s most of which was never recovered, although I recall early last year one note was auctioned.

When she settled on the seabed she was less than 9mt’s from the surface, she was deemed to be a hazard to shipping and so she was cleared using explosives.

She lies on her port side with her bows to the south.

The bows have been blown off and are about 5mtrs away.

She has been the subject of intense salvage over the years with many looking for the strongboxes that were said to be stored in the sickbay none were ever found so keep your eyes open.

The first thing that will hit you when diving her is size she is huge her superstructure is still fairly intact but amidships have collapsed. All along her there are holes and hatches that entice you in (word of warning the visibility can deteriorate quickly so lines are a MUST) swimming along toward the stern there is a large winch on her aft deck dropping of the stern to were the propeller was This was removed by salvage teams soon after she sank.

The Sky is a good dive, which is very dependant on the tide and visibility.

Depth 33ish to seabed, She stands a good 12mtrs.

If you want to dive her give me a call.

Some of the Wrecks we will be diving in 2004

Binnendijk Dutch cargo vessel 27mts

Black Hawk American liberty ship 18mtrs.

Frogner Norwegian Steamship 35mts

Aeolean Sky Greek Container ship 30mts

St Dunstan Bucket Dredger 27mts.

Pomeranian Passenger Liner 33mts

M2 British Submarine 35mts

Sidon ” ” 35mts

UB74 German U-Boat 35mts

Moidart Armed Steamship 33mts

Salsette P&O Liner 50mts

Empress of India British Battleship 50mts

These are just a few of the many wrecks we shall pay a visit to in 2004, if the wreck you want is not in the list above please call me.

The Closure of the Mighty Hood

Portland Port have issued a notice that diving on the Hood will cease due to safety fears.

This is a major blow to all of us both Charter boat’s Shops, B/B Divers and many more, and you have to ask the question why do they want to close it?

I believe that there is an underlying agenda here and that it has nothing to do at all with safety of divers. As most divers are aware that wreck diving can be dangerous, divers realise this and dive accordingly, not entering but staying outside and looking.

Portland Port never entered into any consultation about the closure and will not even give the name of the company that carried out the survey, they said they were concerned the company would be in line for criticism? It makes you wonder what the survey consisted of. I have dived the Hood many times over the last 15 yrs and have noticed that she has settled and is in a bad way I have yet to see any wreck that is under water to stay the same as the day she sank I think it is called corrosion yes that little beastie that eats your car.

So why did they not call a meeting with interested parties and try to get some form of diving code or an indemnity so as there not seen to be negligible or liable for any accidents? Well, I believe and this is only my view that they not only want to stop diving on the Hood but they also want to remove her. This is worse than the diving ban the Hood has become an artificial reef, home to many marine inhabitants, young fish of all types hide amongst her, the giant spider crabs that hang from the roof, sea horses that hang to the weed as the tide flows and many more.

So don’t let this happen go to Hood Petition and register your vote, write to your MP, Portland Port, Weymouth @Portland Borough Council and try to save one of the most famous dive sites.