Welcome to Out-Rage Diving

Let me tell you a little about myself and Out-Rage.

The skipper is Rod Thompson who is a well known local diver. The sea has been a big part in the family history with his Grandfather serving aboard a ship during the evacuation of the Dardanelle’s in the Black Sea during the 1st world war. And his Father being a Submariner who served aboard the P555 during the 1940/45 war. Which was sunk as a sonar target south west of Portland. As an engineer working for the Navy at Portland Naval base Rod had the sad job of closing down the fuel line’s that had filled the great ships’ of the Royal Navy

Rod has dived many of the wrecks around the Isle of Portland and so is able to take you to the many varied wrecks and reefs around this beautiful Isle.

The sea bed is littered with many fine Wrecks from centuries of Maritime history, so whatever your ability from Novice to Techi you will find a site that suits you. So come along and experience the hospitality and great diving aboard OUT-RAGE of Weymouth.